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domaine dhalatteIn the heart of Picardy, in the Oise department, near Paris and Lille, you’ll find the Halatte reserve: a vibrant, 125-hectares domain of fishponds and nature entirely devoted to the sport of carp fishing:

Welcome to Jurassik Carpe !

Jurassik Carpe, a true fisherman’s paradise, offers each fisherman – whether experienced or beginner - 100 hectares of land featuring three fishponds of 7, 16 and 77 hectares, all NO KILL.

Why Jurassik Carpe? Because we’ve got wild fish that weight over 30 kg, and that have never been caught before!!!

Never emptied, the ponds have been home to carp for over 40 years... At Jurassik Carpe, you’ll find common carp, leather and mirror carp, as well as grass carp, sturgeons, and koi carp.

Important: there are no brown bullheads or catfish.

Jurassik Carpe enjoys exceptional water quality, thank to its five spring of water , that supply it continually, which encourages fish growth. This is why we’ve got some fish weighing in at over 30 kg, and most ranging from 12 to 24 kg.

Come and settle comfortably into our spacious swims, and enjoy the calm surroundings, which are under constant surveillance.

Come and find the fish of your dreams (at Halatte) !

Rental cottage

Rent a comfortable cottage at the edge of the water, sleeps 6, living room with sofa bed for 2, a kitchen equipped with dishwasher, TV, microwave, refrigerator, hobs, extractor, coffee maker, a bathroom with sink, shower and toilet, a large bedroom upstairs with 4 beds, all with a breathtaking view of the great lake of 77 hectares.

A night : 100€ - A week : 500€ - Rent linen 20€ : sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers, towels, tea towel

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